the musketeers + the maze runner (x)

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take these words and try to understand,
that I want you and I need you,
to take the hand of a quiet man (x)


*points* love these gladers


a quick alby & newt sketch

this was worse in the movie /endless sobs/

With your blood on my hands I blacked out, but now I do understand that you were too good for this world,

                                                   so you left it.

"Alby’s sacrifice had failed miserably."

[curls up in a ball and starts crying]


the maze runner cast + dance



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Sleepy MerHusbands :D

It won’t be a “woah omg that’s so cool” style of coloration, but I love cel shading. It’s so quick.


16. broken wings (modern day AU)

Porthos’ friends loved to mock him because, in their opinion, his heart was too big. For all his swagger and bravado he was really a big teddy bear. So when he saw the raven at the base of the tree outside his local boxing gym he knew he couldn’t just leave it there. It’s wings were disjointed and it was clear that it had been in one hell of a fight, and the fact that it was still alive just made Porthos love it more. He gently picked up the bird and made his way down the street toward the vets.

He’d passed the building several times on his way to the gym before but had never been inside. As he pushed open the door he was greeted by the sight of several people all with a variety of animals. After explaining the situation to the cheery receptionist, Constance as it said on her name tag, he sat down next to a man with a cat who looked as grumpy as he did.

It didn’t take long for his name to be called, and he made his way through the waiting room and down the corridor, following a tall skinny lad in forest green scrubs. “Right this way Mr Du Vallon. You’ll be seeing Dr. d’Herblay.”

He signalled to the room and let Porthos through first, following him in and standing at the doctors side.

"So what seems to be the problem?"

"Well," Porthos began as he gently put the bird down on the table in the middle on the room. "I came out of the boxing gym today and found this little one on the ground. He’s clearly a bit of a bruiser like me because something’s had a go at his wings."

"Well it was the right thing to bring him here." The doctor said as he walked forward, hands immediately moving to the birds wings.

For the first time Porthos really looked at the doctor and he forgot to breathe for a second. He was one of the most beautiful men Porthos had ever had the privilege of laying his eyes on. He had this warm set of deep brown eyes that Porthos would happily get lost in and as the world seemed to disappear around him, the voice of his brother Charon echoed in his head. No Porthos. Not this again. Remember what happened last time you hooked up with a guy you barely knew? We still can’t go to that restaurant and it’s been 2 years.

He shook his head a little and got his head back in the game. This was not about the ridiculously hot vet. This was about the raven. “So Doc, is there any way you can save it?”

"Well Mr Du Vallon it seems as though you rescued her just in time. Another 20 minutes and the damage would have been irreversible."

"So she’ll be ok?"

"Yes. I just need to put some splints on her wings and within a few weeks she’ll be good as new." The doctor flashed a heart melting smile and Porthos knew he’d have to get out of there soon or he was going to do something stupid.

"I’m glad she’s ok." Porthos grinned. "Although I knew she would be. My girls a fighter."

"So are you the same Du Vallon that owns that boxing gym?"

"Oh no. My brother runs that with his wife. I just get free admission. I am actually a principal dancer in the local ballet core."

The doctors eyes lit up. “I knew I recognised you from somewhere. I watched the performance of The Nutcracker last year and it was spectacular.”

Porthos could feel the blush flooding his cheeks. “Thanks. We worked really hard on that performance Doctor…”

"Please, call me Aramis."


"You can come back tomorrow and check up on her if you want." Aramis smiled. "Just ask for me and I’ll take you to see her." He moved closer and rested his hand on Porthos’ arm. "And then maybe we could go out and get something to eat. To discuss the raven of course."

"Of course." Porthos replied, eyes glued to where Aramis’ hand was resting on his arm. "I’d like that."


i love that this was our introduction to athos


(Newt and Alby) I NAILED THAT HEIGHT DIFFERENCE *laughs hysterically* *strokes screen* *inhales* they ruined my life you know…

Porthos Week » day three

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